Milan Fashion Week: First Look at the weird and wonderful Gucci FW18 show

Gucci countdown invite

Gucci has become one of the most popular luxury fashion brands of late and we awaited with baited breath for their next sartorial offering

The label has fast become one of the most popular luxury brands and we give you a first look at the weird and wonderful Gucci FW18 show.

Showing today in Milan, Italy as Milan Fashion Week kicks off, Gucci did not disappoint with their show which was set in a doctors surgery and featured models holding plastic models of their heads and outfits covered in transparent doctors coats.

The invitation, which came in the form of an ominous countdown clock, already heightened anticipation for the show. Guests chattered excitedly as they took their seats and watched the clock race down to 0.00.

Then the show began.


No doubt some of the pieces we are seeing glide along the runway will be on the backs of every fashionista and celebrity worth their salt as Gucci’s reign refuses to let up.

Take a peek at some of this season’s offerings from the inimitable Gucci!



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