Whites Only: Racist model tells photographer she 'doesn't give her Instagram to black people'

Racist model captured by photographer David Nyanzi

Two photographers accuse model of making racially charged comments during London Fashion Week street style photo shoot

A model has been accused of making racially charged comments after she told a photographer that she ‘doesn’t give her Instagram to black people’.

Photographer David Nyanzi posted a picture of a young lady wearing a mustard pain suit and a grey, fur-trimmed coat. The caption however, was most unexpected and revealed that immediately after allowing her photo to be taken by the photographer, the woman refused to share her Instagram handle. He wrote:

“I don’t give my Instagram to black people.” @ana.staciya 
So the craziest thing happened this morning outside the shows. My friend @abdiwali_samatar and I took a picture of this lady and asked for her Instagram. That was her reply to the both of us, but she was happy to share it with another non-black photographer.

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The young woman has since deleted her Instagram and can no longer be traced. From the amount of public backlash she has received since the post, it’s probably for the best she remains hidden.

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